Friday, May 10, 2013

Simple Pleasures: Small Satisfactions

Rachel Burnham of Burnham L& D Consultancy writes:  After this long winter I’m enjoying the simple pleasure of waking up to sunshine streaming in through the curtains.  I enjoy a tea-break outside and revel in feeling the warmth of the sun on my back as I read this month’s edition of PM magazine.   Whilst working in the office typing up this article, I glimpse apple blossom on the tree outside.   I’m eating asparagus at every given opportunity and look forward to moving on to cherries, gooseberries and peas in the pod later in the season.

There are simple pleasures to be had from Learning & Development too:

·       Asking a question and seeing someone work out what the right answer is.

Even better – when a learner asks you such an interesting question that you are still thinking about it days later.


·       Marking a set of assessments and everyone in the group passes.

Even better – when everyone has tackled that assessment in their own way, to meet the needs of their particular organisation, showing a whole range of ways of getting it right.


·       A well prepared interactive activity in a workshop session that works out well on the day.

Even better – an ‘off-the-top of your head’ activity, which meets the needs of that group of learners at that moment in time and leads to a learning break through.


·       When L&D professionals new to the field get that ‘training’ doesn’t have to be limited to workshops.

Even better – when a request for ‘training’ from line managers is analysed and options other than L&D activities are considered (such as job aids or improved business processes).


·       When you receive positive ratings from learners via feedback forms.

Even better – when learners show how they have applied their learning at work and identify what is changing in their organisations as a result.


Simple Pleasures: Small Satisfactions


Rachel Burnham

10 May 2013

Burnham L & D Consultancy specialises in the development of L&D professionals, blended learning and evaluation

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